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For Businesses

Providing good opportunities with supportive businesses who appreciate the unique challenges that Hong Kong BN(O) residents are facing is essential for their integration into the settled community.

Employment plays a key role in helping Hong Kong BN(O) residents adjust to living in the UK and given the unique circumstances we are seeking employers who understand the circumstances of Hong Kongers and who will provide job opportunities that will:

  • Be available for a minimum of three months
  • Contain salary details
  • Pay at least Real Living wage of £12 per hour and the appropriate rate for the role
  • Be contactable via a telephone number rather than an online only application process.  
  • We do not have the facility to handle recruitment agencies.

For employers with fewer than 10 different roles please complete the form below.

For employers with more than 10 different roles please complete the following spreadsheet and email it to

Following a quick review, you may be contacted by one of our colleagues who will then place your role on the vacancy page of this site.


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